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Born in Berkley, CA  Mila Moldenhawer is a trans, desi, visual artist who often works under the pseudonym, “Dadadoodles". Mila lives and works in Oakland, CA. Mila and studied Art Practice and Sociology at UC Berkeley. Known for his uncanny figures, and abstract landscapes and bold flamboyant colors, Mila work's across multiple mediums to maintain a malleability of mind and material dexterity.


Mila Moldenhawer

b.1996 Berkeley, CA.

Based in Oakland, CA.


2021 |  B.A. in Art practice and Sociology from University of California Berkeley


2022 | Intero-motion - Ale Industries, Oakland, CA.

2022 | Orbits - Common Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2023 | Upcoming -  June 1st,  At Moth Belly Gallery, SF

2022 | 36th Annual Emeryville Art Exhibition, Emeryville CA

2022 | Jeweled Rice- Crisis Club Gallery, Oakland CA

2022 | On Mamas- Good Mother Gallery, Oakland CA

2021 | BARE Magazine - So-so, Berkeley CA

2021 | Nosei x Mizu Market- Soba Ichi, Oakland CA

2021 | MUSA - Magnolia Brewing, San Francisco CA

2021 | Mother Mold - Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 | Smart Bomb- The Legionnaire Saloon, Oakland CA

2019 | Small talk Studio - Classic Cars West, Oakland CA

2019 | Superb - The UC Theatre, Berkeley CA

2019 | Resensitizing -  Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley, CA

2019 | The___Life of a ___ Space, Worth Ryder Gallery, Berkeley CA

2019 | Night of Cultural Resistance- Multi-Cultural Center, Berkeley CA


2022 | Good to eat Dumpllings- Seawalls, Pangeaseed Foundation, Emeryville, CA

2022 | The Midway, San Francisco, CA

2021 | The Rare Barrel Brewery, Berkeley, CA

2020 |  Youth Spirit Artwork, Tiny Home project Oakland, CA



2021 | Art Practice Departmental Excellence in Painting, University of California B

2020 | Undergraduate Honors Studio Program, University of California B


2022| The Oakland Side  | 

2022| The Midway |

2021| KQED Featured Artist of the Week | 

2021| Hardedger|

2021|  Berkeley Side |

2021| BAMFEST | 

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